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Bootcamp is a demanding military style training program. It is a 6 week course that consists of a diverse range of physicial demanding activities that will enhance your fitness, muscular endurance and flexibility while helping you tone up and lose those extra kilos fast.


Healthy Hearts is a low impact class designed for people with or at high risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). The class provides participants with an ongoing exercise regime so that they can achieve life long improvements to their health. This is a great class to meet new people, feel energised and prove to yourself that exercise is for life.


Imagine a 6 week exercise program that energises and revitalises your physical and mental well being. Pilates has taken the world by storm and everyone is doing it form dancers to footballers. Pilates focuses on core strength, improves posture and will assist people that suffer from back pain.


The Hottest New Fitness Workout. Pole Dancing will increase muscle tone, core strength, flexibility and build self confidence. Pole Dancing is a 6 week course and the next beginners course commences the week of 14th April.

Valley Altitude Package
Valley Altitude Package. Training in an enclosed Altitude Chamber.


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