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60 Days Weight Loss Challenge Testimonials

Judy Wilson Winner of the 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge 2007

"The reason I decided to participate in the 60 day challenge is because I had 3 children and thought it would be a great motivation to lose my baby weight. I lost 15% of my body weight and I am slimmer now than before I had my kids. I feel fitter and healthier than I have in a long time. The staff and atmosphere at Valley Fitness is unreal and I recommend the challenge to anyone."

Lorraine Thomson Participant of the 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge 2007

"Well what an experience! I joined, I lost weight, I lost 21cm and I had fun at the same time. My trainer Matt was an interesting character with high levels of knowledge and could answer every question I put forward. Thanks to him I encouraged my husband to buy me a 10 pack of personal training sessions for Christmas. The staffs at Valley Fitness were all exceptional and I have had a great input on my life."

Valley Altitude Package
Valley Altitude Package. Training in an enclosed Altitude Chamber.


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