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Have you have struggled to lose weight in the past? Have you lost weight and then failed to keep it off? Have you tried attending a gym only to find you did not receive the support you required and dropped out?

Valley Fitness St Mary's is offering the ultimate weight loss program. The famous “60 Day Weight Loss Challenge” will provide you with the support, knowledge and motivation to lose those unwanted kilos and keep them off.

Valley Fitness will be launching its Famous 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge, coming soon. As part the 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge participants receive 8, 1hr personal training sessions to ensure they enjoy the motivation and support required to achieve their goals. This year the Weight Loss Challenge will also include two training sessions per week in the exclusive altitude chamber which is proven to accelerate training benefits and weight loss along with nutritional consultations and a personalised weight loss program.
To provide additional support and motivation weight loss challenge participants will be paired with a “buddy” who will be your training partner throughout the entire 8 week weight loss and lifestyle change journey. In addition you will be invited to bring a family or friend to support you in the gym free of charge. Valley Fitness understands that weight loss is challenging and is committed to ensuring every person in this years weight loss challenge has the support they require to achieve their goals.
Results over the past four years have been so positive with people, who have never been into a gym before losing up to 23% of their body weight within the 8 week program. Valley Fitness is so confident that this program will enable you to lose weight it is offering a money back guarantee.

The results achieved throughout last season's 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge were remarkable, of the 160 people who participated in the challenge 151 of them lost weight and centimetres off their waist, hips and abdominal region. More importantly they reported feeling fitter and have more energy at work and when playing with the kids.

The 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge is a life changing program that will allow you to look and feel great bout yourself. So if you're looking to get your weight loss journey started look no further than Valley Fitness. Feel free to contact us on (02) 9623-4100 or drop into the centre located within the Gateway complex on the Great Western Highway, St Marys.

Contact Valley Fitness on (02) 9623-4100 and shape your future.

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Valley Altitude Package. Training in an enclosed Altitude Chamber.


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