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Boot Camp- the ultimate test of physical and mental strength
comes to St Marys

You may have heard about it, you may have read about it but now is your chance to participate in the ultimate test of physical and mental strength - BOOT CAMP.

Valley Fitness is about to launch this demanding military style training program know as Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a 6 week course that consists of a diverse range of physically demanding activities that will enhance your fitness, muscular endurance and flexibility while helping you tone up and lose those extra kilos fast for summer. Boot Camp is a form of group personal training that will push you to achieve your goals through alternative training methods that require team work and commitment.

If you are lacking motivation, bored with your current exercise routine or just want to get results quickly while meeting new friends and having fun Boot Camp is the answer.

Boot Camp will be run at Valley Fitness by qualified fitness professionals and ex army staff over six weeks and will offer two sessions per week.

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