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The family of our founder Charlie White has been a loyal tennis fan for as long as they can remember. Every January of every year, they didn’t miss a single tournament. As Charlie grew, his interest in this beautiful sport increased.

That’s how he started to get tennis lessons. His daily practices gave such good results that he became a professional player. He participated in several national competitions where he won. But he retired at a very early age because he wanted to teach. Charlie felt the need to inspire other players to give their best.

His classes were a success. But his teaching didn’t stop. Charlie wanted to be able to reach more people around the world. That’s why he started the online magazine Valley Fitness. For him, it’s the best way to create a community and share all his knowledge and his knowledge about the Australian Open.

That championship that inspired him to be the tennis lover he still is today.

For Charlie White, there is no better knowledge acquired than that that can be shared. Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to take advantage of that. Whether you’re from Australia or anywhere else in the world, Valley Fitness is a magazine made for you.