Why is the Australian Open Considered The Happy Slam?

Australians know that to enjoy a good event you have to work hard. In the early 1980s, the ITF told Tennis Australia that their event was not quite as good as the other Grand Slam championships.

From that moment on, its citizens worked hard to make it a great event. The government invested and the stadium was opened in 1988. As time went by, everything got better. The prize for the winner grew in value, and more promoters joined in supporting the event.

Since 1987 the Australian Open has been held a few weeks after the Christmas holidays. That feeling of starting a new year, winning such an important sporting event, is unique. And that’s the feeling that keeps all its players fresh and lively. Locals and tourists also enjoy starting the new year with a sporting event of this magnitude.

Why is the Australian Open Considered The Happy Slam 1 - Why is the Australian Open Considered The Happy Slam?

The key to a successful sporting event is to keep the players happy. That’s why the new players’ dining room is an incredible open-aired lounge. Very similar to Wimbledon and the US Open. Players also have a gym, dressing rooms and upgraded lounges. They can enjoy discounts on event-sponsored trips.

The Australian Open also has three indoor courts,which makes sports fans wonder. And this transmits happiness to the players.

Melbourne Park has an excellent location. It is walking distance from its metropolitan site. You do not need to go through heavy traffic before arriving, as is the case with Paris or New York.

The Australian Open also has several stages for live bands to play, providing excellent entertainment for people of all ages.

Melbourne is an extraordinary modern city. Its warm climate makes it perfect for receiving people from all over the world for this sporting event.

Its cuisine is inspired by Asian countries. Its streets have abundant grass and many beach areas accessible to everyone. There is a fact that makes it even more interesting. In 2017, it was named by The Economist as the friendliest city in the world to live infor the eighth consecutive year.

Without a doubt, these perfect characteristics make the Australian Open better known as the Happy Slam.