Andre Agassi – How to Become a Better Tennis Player

Tennis is a very exciting sport. The championships that are held around the world of are full of glamour and glitter. But to get to this level, you have to be good. And there is nothing better than receiving some advice from Andre Agassi to become a tennis player that leaves more than one mouth open.

Don’t Repeat the Same Mistakes

Focus on your moves that aren’t working. This is important so you don’t repeat them over and over again. Stay calm, think, and look for measures that will help you improve the mistakes you’re making.

A tennis court is a place where you can always feel all the energy of the sport. And in the same way, concentrate on your mistakes and work on them.

Andre Agassi How to Become a Better Tennis Player 1 - Andre Agassi - How to Become a Better Tennis Player

Always Trust

For Andre Agassi, tennis is about confidence. To be able to execute correctly you must be clear and not hesitate. Whether on the court or off it, this advice applies to everything in life. So, in trust, there’s the execution. And this will lead you to be calculating and reactive when you receive the ball from your opponent.

Remember that mastering the ball is a matter of time. So don’t stop practising.

Keep Up the Good Work

Don’t rush to hit the ball with your racket and return it to your opponent. Control in tennis comes from the time the ball stays with you towards your goal. That’s why you always listen to your coaches. That way you keep the power to hit the ball.

Tennis can be a very frustrating sport, to begin with. But there is nothing that develops properly without practice. Keep up your training and trust these tips from Andre Agassi. There is no doubt that thanks to one of the best tennis players in the world, you will go far.